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Two virgins inherit a strip club...

Never in his wildest dreams would country boy Zeke Fairwater ever imagine he’d be part owner of a strip club. But after a mysterious uncle he barely remembers leaves Zeke half of The Pink Pony Gentlemen’s Club, it appears he wasn’t dreaming wild enough. Things just keep getting more interesting when the other owner turns out not to be the sleazy guy Zeke expects, but a red-haired spitfire of a woman wrapped in a curvy body made for the kind of sin his parents warned him about. Overwhelmed and discovering parts of himself he never knew existed, Zeke finds himself going to extremes to secure his place in the heart of this stubborn woman.

Most people might not think a strip club is an appropriate place to raise a young girl, but Casey Hughes wouldn’t have had it any other way. She loved her uncles and the misfit family they formed at the Pink Pony. She’s not about to let some country boy Clark Kent look-a-like take even one bit of their legacy away from her. Casey doesn’t take anyone’s crap, so kicking Zeke to the curb should be easy. But from his first appearance at the club, the guy seems determined to plant himself in her business, her life, and her bed. And for reasons she can’t explain, she kinda likes it.

Warning: Listen people, I’ve gone off the deep end with this one. This book has it all, strippers, drag queens, burly bouncers, a sailor-mouthed heroine, and an innocent hero that turns alpha male at the drop of a pair of panties. If you like your stories low on angst, high on heat, and with two heaping helpings of virgin, you're in the right place

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