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Celeste is a tease…
Good thing Geoff has stamina and patience for days.

I wasn’t always a tease. Not even close. Once upon a time, I thought my body was nothing more than a weapon or a means to get what I wanted. I may not have been a prostitute, but I wasn’t far off. But those days are long behind me.

Now, I know the truth.

My body is strong. It is a thing of beauty, even with all its curves and flaws.
I have more worth than what a man is willing to exchange for access to it.
But most importantly, my body houses a heart that refuses to be crushed.

I swore I’d never again give away what should be earned. Not for any man.

But then I met Geoff Bello. Famous drummer. Even more famous party boy. He wants me at first sight. Much to my surprise, I find I want him, too. But he’ll have to catch me first. As I let him get closer, I learn it’s not just me he’s chasing. He’s got his own demons to contend with.

Let the chase begin.

Chasing His Brat is Book 2 in the Rock Hard, Love Harder Series. It can be read as a stand-alone, but might best be enjoyed after reading book 1, Protecting His Brat. As always, there is no cheating, extra heat, and, a spectacular HEA.
orgasmically well. If only Scott wouldn’t shut down every time I try to get to know him. Not that I care about the secrets he’s keeping or anything.

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