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Josephine is looking to repair her reputation in Hollywood…
But fake-dating a rockstar isn’t as easy as she thought it would be.

I’ve done my best to avoid the spotlight. Let my bandmates live the rock and roll lifestyle while I kept things running in the background. But now they’ve all settled down with wives and families, and I suddenly find myself alone.

That is until our manager sets me up on a date to get the tabloids and the fans talking again. It’s just supposed to be a PR stunt. Josephine isn’t supposed to bring thoughts and urges to the surface that I buried long ago.

It was all supposed to be for show. But now she’s showing me how to live for the first time. They might call her a Diva in Hollywood, but I’ll take her attitude and all.

If only my inner demons, and the paparazzi, would leave us alone.

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