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Unwrapping Her Cover.jpg

All he wants for Christmas is her. 

The moment Carter sees the gorgeous woman standing in his brother's kitchen, he knows exactly what he wants to unwrap on Christmas morning. And it's not another pair of socks. But Sunny is someone he shouldn't want. Taking her will mean driving a wedge right down the middle of his family.

Christmas has always been Sunny's favorite holiday. This year should be extra special thanks to the guest joining her brother. However, no amount of decorating, baking, and wrapping could prepare Sunny for the immediate attraction pulling her to Carter. Or the possessive way he touches her under the dinner table. 

Christmas Eve just became a lot more complicated.

If you like your Christmas Eve dinner served with extra helpings of insta-love and a main course of possessive alpha, then you are in the right place. Unwrap this quick novella and settle in for a steaming cup of ohhhh yeah.

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