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If you like hot men in uniform doing naughty things to strong, smart women, this is the series for you!

A cop to the core...
Justice Reilly bleeds blue. As the rookie cop at Middleburg Police Department, he has a lot to prove. And no time for a relationship. But on the odd occasion his hand just won't do, he damn sure doesn't seek out the buckle bunnies down at the Blue Line Bar. No way will he get trapped like some of his brothers in arms. 

Until one night, one woman has him questioning everything he had planned for his life. Now, if he could just find her again. 

Her reputation is tarnished...
Ana Formosa is a bad-ass bitch not afraid to take down the criminals of Pittsburgh. But one ill-conceived relationship with her superior officer left her world and her career in tatters. Now, she is officially relegated to the suburbs, on loan to the MPD to help bust a drug lord plaguing the town. 

She planned to get in and out as fast as possible. But her one night stand has come back to haunt her. There's no way she is letting another affair with a cop affect her career. No matter how hot and persistent that cop might be. 

***This is the fourth and final book in the Blue Line Series, all featuring a different hot cop at the Middleburg Police Station. Each book is safe with no cheating, no cliffhanger, and a HEA. The first three books can be read in any order; however, you should read Disturbing the Peace last since the overarching story about the rising crime in Middleburg concludes in this book


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