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If you like hot men in uniform doing naughty things to strong, smart women, this is the series for you!

He spent his life alone...
Chief Jon Gallo dedicated his life to the force. Protect his community and his men, that was his sole mission. No woman could ever accept his complete focus on the job, so he gave up trying to find the one long ago. 

Then, one chance passing with the most intoxicating woman he's ever seen changes his perspective on life. He shouldn't want her. She's far too young, not to mention somehow wrapped up in the increasingly dangerous drug ring overrunning his town. But when the mysterious girl disappears without a trace, he vows to find her and make her his. 

But he'll need to save her first...
Camille Artiga had been preparing for a promising life as a doctor, when the person she should have been able to trust more than anyone forced her to give up her dreams. Now, Camille has somehow found herself pulled into the dark world of drugs and crime. 

Left for dead, Camille manages to stumble into the Middleburg Police Station, and the arms of Chief Gallo. She doesn't know what to think of the myriad of feelings the strong man stirs in both her mind and body. Everything about him makes Camille feel safe, cherished. Something she hasn't felt in far too long. 

The investigation into the drug epidemic plaguing Middleburg is heating up. No one is safe anymore, not even the Chief of Police. 

**This is book three in the Blue Line Series, all featuring a different hot police officer at the Middleburg Police Station. Each book is safe with no cheating, no cliffhanger, and a HEA. There is an over arching story thread about the rising crime in Middleburg, but each book can be read as a stand alone.

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