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Two virgins walk into an orgy…

Jenny McClure is officially on the date from hell. One she didn’t even want to go on, not when she has studying to do. Not only was dinner awkward, but her date decides taking her to an orgy in the middle of nowhere is the perfect way to end the night. On a first date. That her aunt set her up on. Now Jenny is witnessing things her virgin eyes will never be able to unsee.

Spencer Wainwright might be the most discussed college quarterback in years. But not for the reasons he would prefer, like his athletic abilities. No, instead people can’t stop talking about his sex life. Or lack of one. His teammates feel the need to help him get rid of his pesky virginity by kidnapping him after practice and dropping him off at an orgy in the middle of nowhere with no phone and no ride.

One glance across a sea of writhing, naked bodies changes their lives forever.

Safe Read: A book where once the hero and heroine meet, there is no one else in the picture for either of them. No attraction to anyone else. No kissing anyone else. No hooking up with anyone else. NO cheating. Every Surprisingly Safe book is guaranteed to not only be safe, but also HOT with a little humor, and can be read over your lunch break. Enjoy!

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