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Two virgins walk onto a porn set…

Sierra Davies is out of options. She needs money to survive, and she needs it now. Though she never placed much weight on her virginity, it turns out it does hold some value. Ten thousand dollars to be exact. All she has to do is lose it on camera to a complete stranger. 

Simon Russo has waited for twenty-five years to lose his virginity to a woman he loves. But desperate times call for desperate measures. Simon and his business partner need ten thousand dollars to keep their brewery running, and a porn company is willing to pay him to give up his V-card on film. Never did he expect his costar in the film to be as stunningly beautiful inside as she is out.

An unexpected pull connects Sierra and Simon from the first moment their gazes meet. Beyond lust or attraction, their need for each other runs much deeper. Or is it all just an illusion for the cameras?

Safe Read: A book where once the hero and heroine meet, there is no one else in the picture for either of them. No attraction to anyone else. No kissing anyone else. No hooking up with anyone else. NO cheating. Every Surprisingly Safe book is guaranteed to not only be safe, but also HOT with a little humor, and can be read over your lunch break. Enjoy!

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