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Lydia built her company from scratch with her own hands. She's not going to let some man come in and take it over. Even if she has to give her body over to him for two weeks to prevent just that.

Lydia St. James doesn’t take crap from anyone. Not in the boardroom, and certainly not in the bedroom. Being the founder and CEO of the fastest growing cosmetics company in the country leaves her no time for personal relationships. Instead, Lydia fills her very specific needs in the private rooms of Club Zion. And if she can’t make it there, she has a stable of male models and aspiring actors waiting in line to follow her every whim.

A picture in a magazine, her story, her words, that was all it took. Damian Rasoio knew in his heart and his head that no other would ever compare to Lydia St. James. Months of planning and manipulating finally bring him face-to-face with his future. All those careful moves couldn’t prepare him for her, nothing could have.

***This is a stand alone erotic romance with a guaranteed HEA. Featuring a strong woman not afraid of exploring her desires, but a little afraid of what is in her heart, and the man who wants it all.

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